Friday, December 28, 2012

See Me in all these

As long as a mirror is covered with dust and dirt, so long it cannot reflect the Sun. Once the dust and dirt is scrubbed away, the Sun shines forth. Similarly with our mind. As long as it is filled with evil thoughts and insatiable desires, so long it cannot reflect the self within. Once we cleanse our mind of all these ills and keep it pure, calm and serene, wisdom, Gnana, shines forth, exhibiting the real self. He who sees Me in every living creature and with pity feeds every creature, really feeds Me. There is none dearer to Me than he. You should not harm any creature. You should not be harsh to the poor and the forlorn. You should never despise those maimed and suffering from loathsome diseases. See Me in all these. If you do, you have no fear of births and deaths.

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