Wednesday, September 26, 2012

I am dependent on him, who thinks and hungers after Me

I am dependent on him, who thinks and hungers after Me and who does not eat anything without first offering it to Me. He, who thus comes to Me, becomes one with Me, just as a river gets to the sea and becomes merged with it.


  1. Hari Om Sai Baba......My dear and near Sai's Bhaktos,I am the servent and son of Shirdi Sai Baba.I love Him My heart.Sai is my Love.Sai is My Taranher.Sai is My Eyes.Sai is in My Breath."Without Sai Baba My Life is Blank" {My God Sai Baba,My Guru Sai Baba,My Friend Sai Baba,My Gudie Sai Baba.} May Baba Bless you all...(Somnath Bose,Kolkata,West Bengal,Behala)-Sai ka Santan and Banda.........."Hari Om Sai Baba" "Hari Om Sai Maa".......

  2. Jay Sai Nath Maharaj.Jay Sai Baba.Jay Sai Maa.

    My Dear and near Sai Baba's Devotees, Sai Baba is the Only "GOD" Of My Life.Without Sai Baba I Am A Death Person.Sai Baba Says (Sai Baba Allwaws with Us in every time)If You remember Sai Baba in Every Time you will look Baba,and you will fell Baba is with You.If you have any requirement of of Your life, Say to Baba.Baba will full fill your requirement.My dear Sai's Devotee Donot fear becz "Sai Baba With Us"....... Lets Chant "Hari Om Sai Baba" "Hari Om Sai Maa" From Baba ki Banda Somnath Bose....


Om Sai!

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