Tuesday, July 19, 2011

To quarrel is very bad!

There may be ten members in one family; why cannot they cope up and go along well with one another? To quarrel is very bad!


  1. Acceptance .. A tough thing to follow but accept things , people around you as they are .. You will attain peace of mind . Sai ji bless us . Om Sai ram .

  2. This is true. How many in families are realizing this. As a mother, father, son, daughter, in-laws ,husband and wife hold responsibilities for each and every thing he or she done in life sincerely and honestly there will not be any quarrel. Some times people in a fit of anger or out of jealousy make other's (humble and honest) families quarrel themselves. Quarrel may not be within the families, most often it can be induced by externalities. In any relationship especially wife and husband, quarrel should be between them. It will quickly suffice or it may quickly end up, but should not be induced either by near or dear or alien.


Om Sai!

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