Wednesday, January 2, 2013

There is no need to go far to find Me

 There is no need to go far to find Me. I am always in you. Forget your name and form. What remains ? That supreme consciousness is Myself. You see Me in yourself and in all beings. He who loves Me thus and meditates on Me surely comes to Me. This is the truth supreme. In fact, he is really Myself. The whole world without Me is a desert to him who always loves Me. So for your own benefit, leave off Ahamkara and Mamakara, which is the root cause of Ranga and Dwesha see Me who am seated in your heart and in the heart of every being. Blessed be thou !

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  1. Its very hard to use words in honor of Shri SAI (S akshat-Ishwar=SAI)"HE IS ONLY HE HIMSELF" ShriSachidanand Sadguru Sai Nath Maharaaj is kind to all the living or non living being .SAI NATH MAHAARAJ PLASE AAP SUB PER DAYA KAREN.Bharat Bhooshan


Om Sai!

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