Saturday, January 5, 2013

Have firm belief in the Guru

Mind, body and the world have no existence of their own devoid of the "Self." They are like shadows. When there is self-awareness which is pure consciousness, Suddha Chaitanya, all the hallucinations caused by Avidya , ignorance, with the help of the mind, body and the senses on the imaginary screen called the world vanish automatically. The Self is beyond knowledge and ignorance. Knowledge is only a means and not an end by itself-To get over this illusion which is ever perplexing and bewil­dering, and to cross the miserable and all consuming whirlpool of existence, Samsara, one should get hold of a Guru as a person struggling for life and lost in an unfathomable rough sea catches a raft. Though wave after wave of temptation and delusion may try to upset him, every moment he should steadfastly stick to his Guru as the drowning man hugs the raft without losing his hold on it to save himself. Have firm belief in the Guru.

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  1. Probably most of think weather "BABBA" is hearing us,is he close to us ,I can say with challenge he is always with us as a 'to be born child in her mother 's womb or we are surrounded by air,light ,we can feel all these things but can not see.The same is with SHRI SAI BABBA he always sees us and at the time of need he immediately do the favor.Here I want to give an example,I am a Dr.a perso came with his patient and she was quite serious and I were not in condition to take it and he insisted for medicine.I said to SAI BABBA" they have trust upon me and I only trust upon you plese bless her and make her well please. I just gave her BABBA'S udee and few capsules and ask her to let me know about her health ,next day.Next day morning I were going out and she was comming ti me on her own feet,with a smile.BABBA can do what so ever you/we wish but it must be by heart and soul.JAI SAI RAM.DR>Bharat Bhooshan09548028698


Om Sai!

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