Sunday, August 7, 2011

We are the slaves of Guru's command

We are the slaves of Guru's command. We do not think what is right or wrong. We would even sacrifice our life, but would obey Guru's order.


  1. This is true we should follow Guru command. But we should think before we act what is right and wrong. Good and right things always yields good results. Sathguru Saibaba is good friend and true friend

  2. Baba,Because of you i had got job but i dont know what happened i couldn't exist.Why Baba you did like this?i am in so much pain and frustration.Please Baba show me the right path to come out of this situation.Do you have any job which is directly related to u,So that i ll get mental satisfaction?Baba ,plz help me...
    Ommm Sai Ram...


Om Sai!

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