Tuesday, August 9, 2011

My Guru was completely satiated in all desires

My Guru was completely satiated in all desires. He wanted 2 coins from me. They were not metallic coins as you would believe. What He had to do with gold or money?


  1. Have unbound faith and preservance on guru ji .
    Keep your vrittis at guru 's lotus feet , he will take care
    Om Sai ram .
    ~ nila .

  2. This is absolutely correct. What sathguru wants from his or her devotees is complete shradda and saburi but not false interpretations

  3. Om Sai Ram!

    Bless us all always. Your grace alone can make our prayers wonders. Bless all your devotees with good thoughts and make us a valuable asset where ever we are. Make your devotees worth after listening to your stories. We want only your blessings Baba...


  4. SAI BABA always bless us and stay with us guide us show us the right way to go threw love my SAI BABA JAI SAI RAM


Om Sai!

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