Wednesday, June 1, 2011

My words are always pregnant

My words are always pregnant with meaning and are never hollow.

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  1. Sathguru saibaba true saibaba what ever u said i have been true in all through my life with your divine blessings. Through prayers u have answered many questions in many ways. They all aptly were very good. We are responsible for our own good actions and deeds coupled with Sathguru Blessings. In our Chennupati family (Rambabu, Praveena Sri and Ganesh Sri Sai Pavan) it has come true. But some intervening factor always with their bad actions and comments try to pull other's leg in bad manner and try to put it on God. making God it self a fool. Nobody can make a true devotee with pious desires a scapegoat. If externalities play very bad dramas Sathguru Saibaba can also be fierceful to mend their ways


Om Sai!

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