Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Give up all your desires

Give up all your desires and meditate on the Lord. When the mind is focused, your goal will be achieved.


  1. sairam alpesh bhaiya..bhaiya i have lost faith in all baba sayings,,..becuz none of his sayings have ever turned tru for me...NONe sayings...why bhaiya.? why baba?... how does baba expect me to have implicit faith in his words even when NONE of his sayings hve turned true? i think baba considers us very small worthless devotees to even prove true his sayings. i am convinced now it is like this. alpesh bhaiya please bless us ...v need baba's grace.. please pray to baba to take away our lives..to grant us respectable death if not an upright life...please pray for our natural death bhaiya..please bhaiya..if you would pray baba will listen n grant us peaceful death asap

  2. alpesh bhaiya please pray to baba to relief us from worldly bondage now..please bhaiya I fall at your feet and beg before you..You are such a great devotee baba will listen to your prayer. please bless us bhaiya so we get natural death asap. Please ask sairam baba to free us.


Om Sai!

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