Wednesday, August 11, 2010

We should never kill it

We should never kill it (a snake). It will never kill unless, it's ordered to do so by God.
If God has ordered it, we cannot avoid it.

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  1. This is not about neglecting our common sense. Sri Sai Baba is talking about having strong faith in God. He is making us fearless. He wants us to be more mentally stable and accept Prarabdha and Divine plan without any doubt.

    I think this is what he means to say. Same thing is given in Vivek Chudamani. Guru always tries to make his disciple fearless, faithful, honest, mentally stable, peaceful, filled with bliss and love for God and dependent only on God.

    As It is rightly said that "spiritual path is for the lions. Cowards cannot excel in spirituality" - Sagar Maharaj


Om Sai!

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