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Who regularly reads this and brings it in behavior

Who regularly reads this and brings it in behavior
      God will surely take his/her care, bow to Guru.

From Sai Tatva Ratnavali 
Teachings Sai Baba gave to contemplate on

Below is Sai TatvaRatnavali; the very special gift from Baba to us.

'O Baba'

1. The ambrosia that you nurtured, until now we contemplated, Pothi (sacred text bhaktleelamrut) was filled by Das Ganu, but how can we contemplate on that regularly?

2. O Gururai, we are sansari, the journey of Sansar is wicked,
   For the sake of hunger men-women, have to toil all day long.

3. Guru (Sai Baba)  compassionately replied, Why do you worry?
   Contemplate on the essence of ambrosia that I narrate, surely you will be free.

4. Speaking this the Guru continued, those words of wisdom then I imbibed,
   the pearls that I weaved in this necklace, O devotees wear them with love.

5. 'God is there, believe this to be truth'  'God is not, know this to be false'
   And know this for sure, Nobody is bigger than God.

6. God creates, and also God preserves,
   God raises, and also God takes where the death dwells.

7. Not a leaf move, without the will of God
   Be patient, and be satisfied with the will of God.

8. Unfathomable is the play of God, the pace of logic falls here
   Incomprehensible incidents of God, only the unique devotee alone knows.

9. Fear the God alone and never leave the righteousness
   Keep the center of power of Conscience of virtue and vice, constantly awake.

10. Perform your duties always, never hold the vanity of doer,
    Believe always that God is the doer, and offer the results to God always.
    Then the deed will not bound you and danger of births will not hinder you.

11. Rinanubandh (bond of indebtedness contracted in previous births (and forming the cause of suffering and enjoyment
    in this life)) will then decay. Detached you will remain always.

12. God is filled with entire dwellings, God is the one who is hiding
    Surely God is filled in all animals, so be compassionate to everyone.

13. Be harmonious with everyone, do not engage in debate
    Do not slander anybody, nor compare.

14. Always listen with peace, what everybody speaks
    do not be afraid of it, those words cannot pierce the body.

15 . Do your duty with attention, do not give attention to others deeds 
     why should we spend the sleepless nights for the duty of others?

16. Who sows surely reaps it's fruits, why should other suffer with anxiety?
    In field of action the body disintegrates, so never waste time in leisure.

17. Remember the name of God always, always read the sacred texts.
    Do not give up food or pleasure trips, but always be fixed in Him (God).

18.   Who regularly reads this and brings it in behavior
      God will surely take his/her care, bow to Guru.

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