Thursday, March 7, 2013

Who is God?

N G Chandorkar to Baba   

Who is God?

What is He like?

Where is He?

How are we see Him?

Baba: I will tell you later on.

Baba: (later)

Baddhas, (the very worldly) do not know or observe the difference between right and wrong or what God is. They have no moral tendencies.

Ever immersed in the world, (and impure in heart), having no faith in Scriptures or saints, they do not get to God-but go to Hell.

The Mumukshus, disgusted with the baddha state, begin vichara and viveka and thirst for the sight of God. They are devoted to God and observe the Moral Law.

They become sadhakas, by adopting sadhanas e.g., repetition of God’s name (Japa) and (Dhyana) meditation on god, in solitude, withdrawing their minds from objects of senses. they love to move with Saints.

These, when perfect are called Siddhas. At that stage, God becomes the same as man; praise, the same as blame etc., They have no desires. They are past the notion that the body is their home or their self. They feel their self to be identical with God. “I am Brahman” is their feeling.

To know God, see how God is viewed by each of these, at each stage. Then ultimately, God is seen as manifested in all forms – moveable and immovable.

God is everywhere. there is no place from which he is absent. But behold the power of Maya that does not allow Eswara to be seen and recognized (in all). I, you and all the world are Amsa i.e., parts of the Lord.

Therefore let none hate others, Forget not that God is in every place.

Thereby Love (Non-hatred) is there, of itself. when that springs up, everything is achieved.

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