Monday, March 11, 2013

Baba wants complete Surrender

Baba wants complete Surrender

Baba   (to   Buty):   Curly   locks,   Give   me   16   1/2 Rs.Dakshina.

Buty: I have not got the money here now.

B: Go to Kaka and ask him for 16 1/2 Rs. and be listening to the Pothi, he is reading.

Buty accordingly came to H.S.D. and asked for Rs. 16 1/2.

H.S.D.: I have got only Rs. I/- and cannot pay Rs. 161/2.

Buty: Baba asked me however to listen to your Pothi.

Then H.S.D. read on his Bhagavatam and the first Stanza that came there was “Kayan vacha” etc., which refers to complete surrender of all acts to God.

So Baba wanted complete surrender to him as he was God.

But where is 16 1/2  in that stanza? For one thing, there are 17 phrases in it.

For another thing, the objects for surrender are 16, but "Chitta has been omitted, in the text, "says the commentary. That will make it 17, but Chitta is only ½ . So 161/2 objects mentioned there had to be surrendered to Baba, as amounting to complete Surrender.

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