Monday, June 4, 2012

Know that God Is.

Know that God Is.
Do not believe that God is not.
God is Omnipresent.
God’s name is eternal.


  1. sree sachitananda sadguru sri sai nathaya namaha
    He is the eternal and most powerful saintly person who preached the message of love and equality among the different religions and who always on the path of protecting his devotees from his samadhi. Om sri sai nathaya namaha.

  2. Om sri sainathaya the secreat of learning from child hood to death. Every day and every minute is new type experience is experienced by all.The learning starts in womb of our mother . The lack of knowledge of learning is secret of life . by millions of years the same process is going on. The person who learns and performs the secrets of life is only recognises Him. share the knowledge which eternal is only the knowledge and the remaining are the west.


Om Sai!

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