Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Sit quietly with me and give up worrying.

Sit quietly with me and give up worrying.


  1. This very much true and should be truly followed in day to day life even though some externalities who does not have morals, ethics and who are often untrue try to harm others with their evil intentions, in order to gain their undesirable and highly ungodly desires.

    Yes one should also hold to swami narayana in order to be protected in this kaliyug

  2. From the day when i knew about sai baba i became his follower and every day when pooja time i sing om sai sri sai jaya jaya sai for three times this is happening from about seven to eight years when ever i get time i will visit sai temple in tyagaraj nagar or vasanthpur sai temple and when ever i go out to some other place if i find a sai temple i make a point to visit that place and pray god for our good living style,
    And everyday when i wake up my first duty is to pray sai baba to give full streangth for that day and i should not make any mistake and i pray sai baba to take care our family and bless our family from evil forces and keep every body in our family in good health and prosperity and no body in the world should not cheat us from any thing either for money or misleading us from any thing weather it is health or wealth or any thing.
    Chant om sai sri sai jaya jaya sai for as many as times and be happy.
    Sai ram


Om Sai!

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