Tuesday, June 4, 2013

As soon as one climbs the steps of this Dwarakamayi

As soon as one climbs the steps of this Dwarakamayi, sufferings due to Karma are at an end and joy begins. That Fakir (God) is very kind and relieves your troubles.


  1. Today I am very happy Sai because I have received releavant message from u sai.

  2. Sai,

    I am having conflict with my husband due to misunderstanding. I can stand the attitude.
    Sometimes, I felt why I got married? Is all this due to past karma? Sometimes, I felt why I born in this world.. as I can\t achieve anything and ppl expectation on me is very high. I am sick with this mindset and situation. How long should i go thru this?

    I made a small mistake in my career.I wish my employment remain and the contract with client continues..Otherwise.. please give a end to my life.. I felt sometimes.. i am not worthwhile to live in this world..

    Ppl described me as an evil. but I am very straight forward person, and they find this attitude as bad.. I can't change my character.. I am having dilemma.

    Please help me SAI... Please remove my sorrow and give me peace of life.. I can't continue with this situation anymore..

    OM SAI RAM..


Om Sai!

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