Monday, March 28, 2011

Datta calls for his own

I do nothing. I receive nothing. Datta calls for his own. He had called for Rs.15 his due and given it to Masjidmai. So, the money has been received (by me).


  1. OM SAI RAM....

    I didnt get the above point....

    can anyone explain me in more detail...

    OM SAI RAM...

  2. Om Sai,

    Please read Sai SatCharitra chapter 36

    These blog contains statements from SaiBaba for detailed reading please read and subscribe to Sai Baba blog

  3. Baba refereed this statement to a devotee who in his mind promised to pay Rs.15/- but had forgotten.
    Baba had asked for the same and completed the promise made by the devotee.

    A promised made to any form of God, Saint or sanctified place must be fulfilled.

    Here Baba pointed out that The money was received on behalf of Lord Dattatreya to whom the promised was made, and the same has reached to Lord Dattatreya.


Om Sai!

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